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Take advantage of the thrust towards space!

Interest in space is growing inexorably, don’t get left behind.

We are not alone. Dr Who, The Hitchhiker’s Guide & Star Wars are either already here or coming soon and The War of the Worlds is a classic example of major media producers and stars (Spielberg and Cruise) putting their money where their mouth is, namely in space, each taking a percentage cut from the take rather than a fee.

In the real world, we’ve already had the first non-astronaut in space (American millionaire, Denis Tito) and in about three years; time, Sir Richard Branson will open Virgin Galactic where, for around £100,000, you can take a trip into space. After that, he wants to build a space hotel!

Distributor package:

  • Satellite3 supplies the following support package for new distributors
  • Samples at wholesale cost
  • A Limited supply of brochures
  • A press pack

Technical support from the London offices in relation to the proper use of Satellite3 cosmetics.

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